It has come to a point where using power to run our lives has become crucial. Electricity is used for just about everything from operating our phones to heating our houses. Back before we had energy, the lighting we got originated from fire burning lanterns and our heat came from a wood furnace. Ultimately, entire cities and towns could be illumina… Read More

Energis MelbourneOver a century ago, there was a man who attempted to run his machinery by utilizing heat generated from the sun. His plan was to start and maintain the machines using steam that was generated by the hot sunlight. This invention encouraged other scientists to discover their own solutions to take advantage of the sun's energy. Since … Read More

As an energy source, solar is oftentimes debated to the extent that there needs to be a greater uptake of it. As with many things, a lot of words can be expressed without anyone truly doing anything in realistic terms. Solar as an energy source can be a factor in the health of our eco systems. Since the beginning of time, energy from the sun has be… Read More

A few years ago, solar energy used to be just a dream for most homeowners. Solar energy technology was out of reach for most home owners because of the cost, and need of space. Normal homeowners couldn't afford the solar panels, because they were so huge, and complex to install. In the recent years, however, there have been a lot of enhancements ma… Read More

The world has come to a place where it relies totally on electricity. Everything that we do, from heating our homes to running our devices, energy is vital. Well before we had energy, we had light from lamps and heat from burning wood. It was a nice change to have power lines connecting cities, towns and residential areas with electricity.When elec… Read More